The V. Club Presents…Unlocking Sexual Portals Through Your Face and Body | Jan. 12, 2019

The V. Club Presents...Unlocking Sexual Portals Through Your Face and Body Workshop with Megwyn White

In “Unlocking Sexual Portals Through Your Face and Body”, you will get to indulge in the experience of your own face as a primal portal into the realm of orgasm. Learn simple and delicious self-care techniques, that are simultaneously meant to support your natural flow of expression and experience of orgasm, while also unleashing your natural beauty. This class couples ancient secrets of tantric wisdom with modern science to engage your body and mind in ways that will leave it thoroughly inspired to delve deeper into the intrinsic wisdom of your sensual nature.


Have you ever wanted to peel the layers of tension that keep you from being authentically beautiful and sexually embodied? Is anxiety and stress sometimes getting in the way of you experiencing and expressing orgasm in the moment?

When relaxed, and in your flow pleasure naturally blossoms. Beauty unfolds from the inside out, and authentic sexuality buds into a fuller potency. But when tensions in the tissues of the body repress this natural cycle there is a schism on how much energy your body can hold.


Saturday, January 12 @ 1-4pm


The V. Club, 152 West 25th Street, Suite 602, New York City

RSVP here; Space is limited.

In this unique 3 hour workshop you’ll be learning simple self-care tools that specifically target neurological centers in the face, and sexual center that act as keys to unlocking deeper, and more embodied orgasms.

This mini-class will focus specifically on the area of the face as a medium for supporting sexual wellness and neurological health. We’ll explore experientially how to utilize breath, coupled with the details of embodiment can unlock your natural beauty, improve posture, help bridge safety in relationships, and also support activating sexuality.

Just like a flower your body holds a unique beauty that nature wants you to share with the world. Let us take you deeper into the land of your face and body in this transformative workshop.

Benefits Include:

  • Release of jaw and facial tension
  • Unlocking circulation within the face and body
  • Help to integrate sexual energy throughout the face and body
  • Calm anxiety within the body
  • Re-pattern the mind with messages that expand confidence and help exude natural radiance

Tools Included:

“Alchemy of Beauty” Self Care Kit ($75 Value)

This kit includes powerful ancient tools like Gua Sha Jade, haptic salt scrub and additional samples of nourishing treasures for your face and body.

Bonus Gifts:

Satisfyer Pro 2 ($50 Value)

A non-touch clitoral vibrator that can be used as a powerful activation ritual for sex care.

About Megwyn White

Megwyn White has spent over 20 years researching and exploring the dynamics of human emotions as they are mapped inside the body’s tissue.

She graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she focused on physical theater and dance. She later went on to study Yoga, Pilates, Taoist techniques, and Tantra. Her fascination with the details of the human alignment guided her to master teachers like Yamuna Zake, creator of Yamuna Body Logic, and Yamuna Body Rolling, as well as Rael Isacowitz, Founder of Body Arts and Science International.

Through years working one on one with clients, she discovered “patterns of contraction” in relation to the energy of voice within the body. Her somatic body technique called “Haptic Body” includes powerful somatic self-care tools which work with the technology of self-touch to help awaken, and naturally clear the constellation of emotions that are often locked inside the body’s tissue as fear, shame, and trauma. As these patterns are gently moved through the body a new dimension of expression naturally emerges.

Deeply guided by integrating her own experience of sexual trauma her work now also includes a deeper focus around sexual wellness, and sexual integration work. Her work has been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan UK, Men’s Health, Sentient Magazine, is a contributor to the Sex and Medicine Summit, and Med Neuro. She is also a Brand Ambassador for Satisfyer.