Why Can’t I Orgasm During Intercourse?

How to Find Your G-Spot

Vaginal or internal orgasms, as they are sometimes called, can seem as elusive as Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket! So through frustration and mis-information, women often become accustomed to experiencing clitoral orgasms. And there are several reasons why.

Most women discover their “button to bliss” in their teenage years when they first start to masturbate. The more they explore, the more they discover what they like — which parts are more sensitive, kinds of pressure they like applied, and so on. They learn that they can easily bring themselves to orgasm by stimulating their clitoris, and they continue to do this both solo and with partners throughout their life.

But where’s the vaginal orgasm “button”? 

Most women do not experience an orgasm through penetrative sex if they do not incorporate clitoral stimulation. A clitoral orgasm is a very valid form of orgasm, yet it leaves many women hungry for vaginal orgasm.

Why? I think there are two reasons. One, reaching the clitoris during intercourse can be a pain in the ass. The second reason is that clitoral and vaginal orgasms produce different sensations and women who are capable of achieving both report vaginal orgasm as more satisfying.

So what makes vaginal orgasm so elusive?

Vaginal orgasm comes from stimulation of the G-spot which requires some experimentation to locate and activate. Some women are convinced that their G-spot is impossible to find and likely doesn’t exist, and it’s understandable why there is so much frustration and confusion surrounding this erogenous zone.

The G-spot is a sensitive bundle of nerves and tissue on the anterior wall of the vagina. Every woman has the g-spot, however, it does vary in its sensitivity and accessibility from person to person. For most women, some amount of effort and patience is required to activate the g-spot by following specific steps. It’s a worthwhile but frustrating exercise for sure, so most women give up on their G-spot too soon and fall back on stimulating the clitoris to cross the finish line.

We go over the specific steps that you can take to discover and awaken you g-spot in our masterclass Ladies Come First. It could take you a few weeks of putting that knowledge to practice to reap the benefits, but in the end, you can learn to experience that deeply satisfying vaginal orgasm.

There’s nothing wrong with loving your clitoral orgasms. But you could get even more pleasure out of sex and have stronger orgasms if you find and activate your g-spot!