How to Find Your G-Spot and Go Beyond the Clitoral Climax

How to Find Your G-Spot

Vaginal orgasms can seem as elusive as Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket! So through frustration and mis-information, women often become accustomed to experiencing clitoral orgasms. And there are several reasons why.

In order to have a clitoral orgasm, a woman needs to know her own body. Usually women discover this “button to bliss” in their teenage years when they first start to masturbate. And the more they explore, the more they discover what they like — which parts are more sensitive, kinds of pressure they like applied, and so on. They learn that they can bring themselves to orgasm by stimulating their clitoris, and they continue to do this both solo and with partners.

But where’s the vaginal orgasm “button”? 

So if women learn that they can bring themselves to orgasm by stimulating a spot on the body, then why are they unable to climax from penetration from their partner? Or are all orgasms created equally?

Usually the advice given when a woman expresses she isn’t experiencing an orgasm through penetrative sex is that she should incorporate clitoral stimulation to reach climax. This will result in an orgasm, but a clitoral one, not a vaginal one. Many women are still mis-informed about the fact that there are different types of orgasms she can experience, and what must be done to achieve them.

Some women are convinced that their G-spot is impossible to find and likely doesn’t exist. But it does, you just need to follow a few steps to get there.

In our masterclass, Ladies Come First: Finding Your Sexual Bliss, we take you through specific steps to discover and awaken your G-Spot, and all the ways you can stimulate it with your partner.

There’s nothing wrong with loving your clitoral orgasms. But wouldn’t you like to discover something more?