The V. Club Presents… HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage Workshop on May 23

The V. Club HeartMath Workshop - Learn Female Resilience

On Thursday, May 23 at 6pm, The V. Club will host and chat about love and wellness at HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage Workshop led by Jaymie Meyer, NBC-HWC, CWP.

HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage workshop offers practical tools and strategies to strengthen resiliency and reduce stress. Based upon the Institute of HeartMath’s research into heart rate variability (HRV) and the physiology of optimal performance, you will learn concrete practices that increase well-being, mental clarity and emotional stability.

Topics include:

• The physiology of coherence and optimal functioning

• Energy self-regulation techniques and how to stop energy leaks

• Accessing intuition for improved decision-making

• Integrating techniques into everyday routines

Handouts provided.

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