Why You Feel Hornier in the Spring and What to Do About It


Spring is a time of awakening, and your sex drive in the spring follows suit. The flowers bloom, the grass starts to grow again and you may feel an intense need to get it on! Have you ever wondered why you tend to feel a bit more, ahem, spry in the spring months? Well, we’re all a bunch of mammals – albeit well-dressed ones – and a change of the seasons brings more with it than the sunshine. Spring actually has an impact on your hormones as well as your mood, and while we’re not entirely slaves to our base desires, we may feel a little more passionate in the springtime. Let’s explore what happens to your sex drive in the spring, shall we?

It’s Chemical, Baby

We’re nothing if not honest, so we won’t sugarcoat the fact that we’re all just giant sacks of chemicals. Every single thing we do is driven by chemical reactions. Don’t get us wrong – we make chemical reactions look good. But, that doesn’t change the truth.

We see no reason to get into all the technical stuff, this isn’t high school chemistry, but suffice to say that all that sunshine in the spring has an impact on the chemicals your body releases such as melatonin and testosterone. They impact your mood, your libido, and even the pheromones that attract you to other people (and make people attracted to you). To put it simply: You’re happier and hornier when the weather outside is nice and the sun is shining, all thanks to your internal chemistry. 

Now you might be thinking “Sure, but my partner doesn’t seem much hornier – it’s just me!”. To that, we’d say you’re absolutely correct. Men tend to maintain a pretty even level of sex hormones in their bodies throughout the year, which is why it seems like they’re always feeling a little amorous. Women, on the other hand, are much more complex (duh!). Women’s hormones are more influenced by outside forces like the weather. So, it’s not just in your head that when the sun is shining you’re feeling a little more hot to trot than your partner. Now the question is, what do you do with all this new found sexual energy in the spring?

Find the New You

Now that the sun is out and spring is here, you’re definitely feeling thirsty. You’ve ditched your winter coat and all those layers and you are ready to show some skin.

This makes it the perfect time of year to give yourself a little makeover because you’re feeling good, you’re feeling attractive, and you’re feeling in the mood for love. And there’s no doubt people are noticing.

Use this boost to try something new. Find a new hobby, maybe ditch the job you hate and find a new one, create a new dating profile online, exercise more, or even buy some new sex toys for your bedside drawer. You need to learn to use the gifts this season has sent you. Harness these hormones and use them to help you understand just how fabulous you really are because life has some great things just waiting around the corner. For all you know, Jake Gyllenhaal could be right around that corner, and he’s single.

The Springtime of Your Love

If you’ve already got a Jake Gyllenhaal of your very own, then harness all this springtime energy to get out of your sexual rut. All couples get stuck and revert to old habits, it’s hard not to. And let’s face it, doggy style is pretty awesome. But, it’s time to branch out to create a little more excitement in the sex department. Here are a few of our favorite ideas: buying some super sexy lingerie, getting some really fun sex games or making up your own, or buying a new book of sexual positions to try.

Here’s the thing: No one is going to take control of the situation for you, so saddle up! Channel some of that newfound sexual energy into your bedroom (or the car, or the kitchen, or the backyard) and give your stagnant sexual relations a lift. Remember, relationships tend to naturally lose their spark over time, so view spring as the perfect time to rev up your sexual connection! All you have to do is take control, and believe us when we say that he will follow.

The only warning we’ll give you is this: If you don’t stoke the fires of your passion with your partner, then it will only get more difficult to revive as time passes. Sexual dissatisfaction is the number one cause of failed marriages, so try to use the natural change in the seasons as a reminder to rev up your sexy time and use that natural boost in love hormones to springboard into better sex and a better, renewed connection with your partner. You can view it as renewing your wedding vows every year!

What If You’re Not Feeling It?

For some people, springtime doesn’t bring an energetic sexual boost. For some, it actually has the opposite effect. If this sounds familiar, then you need to follow this sage advice: Fake it until you make it. Seriously! Go ahead and try out the new outfits, the new job, the new hobbies, and the renewed interest in sex with your partner until your body catches up. If you have more sex, then it will lead to a boost of pick-me-up hormones that can help you to feel better. It’s chemistry!

Faking an increased interest in sex may make you feel a little strange at first, but psychologists are in agreement that the more you have sex, the more you’ll want to have it. Sex is just like most other things in life – if you make an effort to make it a part of your routine, then it’ll eventually become a habit – and your relationship will a be better one for it!

You can also try adding foods to your diet that will help your body’s chemistry to improve and boost your sex drive in the spring. Foods like dark chocolate (yay!), eggs, dairy, and legumes can help your body to release feel-good hormones that can help to boost your mood. Remember, healthy foods will help you, Ben and Jerry’s won’t, even if it tastes like heaven. Not to mention, spring offers you many seasonal fruits and vegetables that are packed with nutrition. Hit your local farmer’s market for broccoli, corn, artichokes, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, and oranges!

So, what are you waiting for? Spring has sprung and it’s calling you to get out there, put on those cute new shorts, strut your stuff and try new things, both in the bedroom and out! Take advantage of that blooming sex drive in the spring!