Sex Every Sunday at 7? 3 Ways to Make Sex Exciting Again

3 Ways to Make Sex Exciting Again

Humans are creatures of habit. We’re like this in just about everything from our diets, fitness routines, recreational activities to even our dating patterns. And believe it or not, sometimes, sex becomes just that, a habit. A sex rut.

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship (at any age), you might find that sex becomes less exciting than it was in the beginning. Chances are, you and your partner have found what works and you stick to it. And if you’re both climaxing at the end, it’s easy to feel like that’s it, job well done, goodnight! But do you crave sex or is just as common a practice as brushing your teeth before bed? Let’s face it, you’re in a sex rut.

So what happened? Where’s the desire? Where’s the spark? And what about the anticipation?

Before you have sex with someone new, the anticipation is almost greater than the sex itself. Our brain is our number one sex organ, so when we’re imagining something we haven’t experienced yet, it drives us wild and excites us to no end. And that sexual excitement is what the experience itself should feel like. 

So how do you keep that feeling going strong after you’ve had sex with the same person for a long time? Well, there are several things!

1. Exploring your partner’s body in new ways is a journey in itself. The fun in discovering which hot spots make your lover squirm in anticipation, makes it an experience unto itself beyond just the “Big O.”

2. Varying up certain elements, such as role playing or sex in a new location, can add some unexpected sexual tension because it veers away from your usual routine.

3. New is the exact antithesis of a habit. You can bring in new things such as new moves (including hand and oral) and even sex toys to heighten you and your partners pleasure.

In our masterclass Men by Design, we discuss several sex toys that you can bring into the bedroom that are both easy to use and won’t break the bank. A sex toy is just the kind of thing that can help get out of a sex rut. There are thousands of sex toys on the market. How do you know which toy to buy? The process of shopping for sex toys can be intimidating and expensive!

We take you step by step through several toys that is on our short list for bring newness to your love life and also make it more orgasmic for you and your partner. Many sex toys work for one or the other person’s pleasure. We have a few toys in mind that will drive both of you crazy by making sex feel tighter, for example.

We are also going to tell you exactly what to do when you bring the toy into your bedroom. Introducing a new sex can be super sexy, but it can also upset and even offend your partner. You will know exactly what to say and do from our masterclass Men by Design: His Body, Your Knowledge.

Sex should be fun, explorative, loving, sexy, and unpredictable; and never something compared to doing your laundry every Tuesday night at seven on the dot. Now sex in the laundry room at seven thirty-five; that’s more like it!

We can’t help with the chemistry, but we can help with the rest!