Can sex and relationship coaching help you feel happier?

Are you feeling unhappy in your relationship? Do you feel misunderstood or unsupported by your partner? Maybe you have the closeness but not the desire for them? Are you experiencing a low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, physical discomfort, lack of sensation or other challenges during sex?

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I’m Courtney Cleman, and in my role as a sex and relationship coach, I help individuals and couples uncover what they seek from love and sex and find ways to better relate to each other on an emotional and physical level. In addition to sex and relationship coaching, I am a writer and speaker. You can check out my guest posts and speaking engagements here.


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Do you have self-limiting beliefs about sex and relationships?

Many people underestimate how much more connection, excitement and physical satisfaction they are capable of experiencing in a longterm relationship with some simple changes.

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Men often feel burdened by the pressure and expectations they feel are placed on them, and have difficulty expressing their feelings and needs.  My work with men often focuses on helping them feel more understood and opening the line of communication in the relationship. 

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Women often feel emotionally unsupported, and also tend to underestimate how much sexual desire and pleasure the female body is capable of. 

A lot of my work with women focuses on helping them reconnect with their bodies and improve their sexual wellness, including overcoming challenges arising from menopause and childbirth.

I believe that women are highly sexual creatures, but many don’t give themselves permission to embrace their inner goddess. Unlocking our sexual selves requires us to be genuinely open and vulnerable in how we reveal ourselves to our partner.

How can you improve your relationship and sex life?

My approach with individuals and couples is to start by exploring the psychological and emotional blockages that need to be cleared to create space for better communication and more openness with yourself and your partner both in and out of the bedroom.

The other vital part of the conversation is your state of sexual wellness, understanding of how the body works and embracing your needs and desires. Sexual happiness is a unique journey, and I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to be in a relationship or to have sex. The goal is to uncover your flavor of happiness and sexual bliss.

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My approach to coaching is organic and without an agenda, based on what you would like to achieve from our session. There are times when what we need to unblock ourselves is to talk about what’s going on in a judgment-free space. When you feel ready to find solutions, I will offer suggestions, exercises, and homework to bring you closer to your definition of happiness.  

Work with Courtney

I see clients out of The V. Club studio in NYC and over Skype. To book, please reach out to me at or 1.347.670.3048

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