4 Things to Do to His Balls to Drive Him Wild

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There are several things that are underrated and a big source of confusion in sex. One of the biggest is the man’s testicles.

Some men having a preference for testicle stimulation while others feel it doesn’t do much for them. Certainly everyone would agree that they are very sensitive and need to be handles carefully.

So it’s no surprise that the scrotum gets less attention than it deserves — it’s a mystery that few women know how to solve.

We’re going to decode it for you right now. Regardless of any hang-ups your guy might have regarding “ball play”, there is more than a handful of erogenous zones located along the scrotum.

Here are the main rules for what you can do with a guy’s balls during sex:

  1. The trick to stimulating this area is to be gentle because what we are doing isn’t working what’s inside, but rather the extremely thin layer of skin on the outside.
  2. Being gentle but varying up the kinds of pressure and sensations you provide is key to driving your guy “nuts” when you’re down there. Like any hand or oral technique, varying what you do and understanding the body part that you are stimulating makes a huge difference between something feeling pleasurable and simply nothing out of the ordinary, or even uncomfortable.
  3. Massaging and giving the balls some attention while you’re engaging in hand or oral on your guys’ main BFF is a nice add because that can raise the levels of the sensations he feels tremendously. And every guy is different! Some men will love if you tickle and tease the scrotum, while others might want you to rub the area firmly in circular motions with your thumbs all the way down. So don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on what he likes.
  4. Most importantly, if you really want to get the most out of your exploration, using lube is a must.

To learn more tips, tricks and techniques for what to do to his balls, check out our masterclass Men By Design. This underrated sex zone is one of his most important and you can bring your partner a lot of pleasure if you just learn what to do with it (and what not to do).

Here’s to playing ball!