The V. Club Presents…Pleasure is a Birthright w/ Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce | Oct 3, 2018

The V. Club Presents Pleasure is a Birthright Workshop w/ Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce on Oct 3, 2018

Women and men are invited to join us at The V. Club for an evening of empowering information about sexuality and pleasure.

“A Healthy Sexual Life is A Healthy Vibrant Life”

Dr. Nancy brings a refreshing approach to a very delicate topic – our sexual lives.  She holds a doctoral degree in human sexuality, is a registered nurse, health & wellness educator & sensual yoga therapist for over three decades.  She is also an international speaker and CEO of ELR – Exotic Lifestyle Retreats to Empower ~ Love ~ Reawaken Women & Those Who Adore Them.


Wednesday, October 3 @ 6pm


The V. Club, 152 West 25th Street, Suite 602, New York City

RSVP here; Space is limited. 

Dr. Nancy shares scientific as well as practical information about women’s sexual anatomy, desires, confusions, challenges, orgasms, fears, healing and more.  Her honest and professional delivery will not only help you feel instantly comfortable, you’ll feel safe asking sensitive questions.  Men are welcome to come learn and gain new insights into women’s sexuality.  (We will offer a Men’s Sexuality Class Next!)

“Sex Energy IS Life Energy”

The conversation will include concerns regarding the #MeToo movement and misunderstandings around this topic.  She will share insights and tactics for us to enthusiastically move forward in a positive light.  Ample time will be allowed for questions; both anonymously & in an open forum.  Our intention is for you to leave feeling empowered and celebratory about your sexual and Intimate life! 

“Your Yoni & You, To Thy Yoni Be True” (The Sanskrit word for female genitals. Translates to “source of all life” or “sacred space.”)

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