The V. Club Presents…Peace, Purpose, Partnership Workshop w/ Love Coach Candice Harper | Jan. 19, 2018

The V. Club Presents...Peace, Purpose, Partnership Workshop w/ Love Coach Candice Harper

A FUN, INTERACTIVE workshop for MEN AND WOMEN who truly crave unconditional love. If you’ve ever felt like you want someone who will admire your strengths, forgive your weaknesses, and support you through your wins and losses, you’re ready for ‘Peace Purpose Partnership’. If you’ve ever wondered why it seems so difficult to relate, or why so many marriages end in divorce, or why your own ability to pick healthy partners feels flawed, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.

We’re not raised to know what it means to create healthy relationships. We’re not often given the ‘rites of passage’ required to be happy singles, and we are rarely given the emotional tools to relate with others in a way that creates ‘wins’ for all involved.

Fortunately, there are only a few questions to ask ourselves.

Am I living authentically?

Do I honor my own desires?

Do I have a healthy relationship with myself?

If you are unsure or answered “No” to any of the above, it’s time to remove what’s standing in the way. It’s time to transform your love life, it’s time to experience unconditional Love.

Don’t wait, spots are filling up. Join me for this experiential, fun workshop and I guarantee that not only will you shout “YES” to all three of the questions above, but you will also walk out ready and able to create amazing relationships in all areas of your life, especially your Love Life.


Saturday, Jan. 19 @ 9:30-2pm


The V. Club, 152 West 25th Street, Suite 602, New York City

RSVP here; Space is limited.

About Candice Harper

Candice Harper, Love Coach, Teacher, and Author of “I am not mad but she’s still crazy: Getting right with Mom for the sake of our Love Life.” (Jan 2019 Release) is a multi-passionate creator whose vision is that women experience a Love that generates their bioluminescence. Candice is the go-to guide for women who have had it with the “get a man to be happy” narrative and are ready to create something real, lasting, and sustainable. Her straightforward, holistic approach inspires her clients to be purpose-driven, magnets for healthy, whole partners.