The V. Club Presents…Peace, Purpose, Partnership Workshop w/ Love Coach Candice Harper | Dec. 15, 2018

The V. Club Presents...Peace, Purpose, Partnership Workshop w/ Love Coach Candice Harper

This is the workshop for MEN AND WOMEN who truly crave unconditional love. If you’ve ever felt like you want someone who will admire your strengths, forgive your weaknesses, and support you through your wins and losses, you’re ready for ‘Peace Purpose Partnership’.

I totally get it. I have been where you are. In fact, I used to believe that my purpose on this earth was to find my soulmate and I was failing at it. I never considered what I would do with myself once I found him. So, what I did find was not sustainable and when it broke down so did I. In order to survive, I immersed myself in work that supported a cushy, independent lifestyle of spas, mani/pedis, and vacations with absolutely no personal fulfillment. I tried to keep “working on it” to regain what I thought I had lost. I hated my single status.


Saturday, Dec. 15 @ 9:30-2pm


The V. Club, 152 West 25th Street, Suite 602, New York City

RSVP here; Space is limited.

Does this sound like you too? If so…

Do you toggle back and forth between hardcore dating and ignoring your love life altogether?

Women: Have you tried it all, called in “the one”, followed “the rules”, waited 90 days, become a master sexter, all for what seems like nothing but more struggle with narcissists and non-committers?

Do you often console yourself because you think you’ll never find “the one”?

Are you sick of the “get a man to be happy” narrative and pretending to be impervious to it while deep down still craving a stable heart connection?

Men: Are you sick of the assumption that, because you are a man, you don’t want a real relationship?

Do you keep attracting desperate women who just want a sperm donor or a warm body in the role of husband, father, or lifestyle financier?

Do you want to attract a woman who values you as a human, a man, and a passionate person?

Both: Have you decided over and over to just focus on “other things” while in the back of your mind hoping that he or she will show up because you’re not “looking”?

Do you feel like soulmates, unconditional love, happy partnerships just don’t exist for you?

It wasn’t until I got connected with who I truly am at my core and what I really desire for myself (despite all the conditioning that told me otherwise) that I was able to create infinite love in my life. You can have the Love Life you truly want too and it’s much more accessible than you think.


▪ My anxiety/depression went away.
▪ I lost weight. (38lbs to be exact)
▪ I stopped needing to control everything and everyone.
▪ I learned how to share myself authentically (this is irresistible to other humans btw.)
▪ I learned how to stand up for myself in an effective, compassionate way.
▪ I realized my purpose and I get to express myself on my own terms every day.
▪ I meet more quality men than I ever have.
▪ Loving my life is not attached to anything external and still I know how to choose or create what I want.

Come to this workshop and I’ll teach you exactly what I did so you can build up your own immunity to romantic despair and attract exactly what your heart really wants.

Don’t wait, spots are filling up. Join me and I guarantee you will walk out ready/able to create amazing relationships in all areas of your life, especially your Love Life.

About Candice Harper

Candice Harper, Love Coach, Teacher, and Author of “I am not mad but she’s still crazy: Getting right with Mom for the sake of our Love Life.” (Jan 2019 Release) is a multi-passionate creator whose vision is that women experience a Love that generates their bioluminescence. Candice is the go-to guide for women who have had it with the “get a man to be happy” narrative and are ready to create something real, lasting, and sustainable. Her straightforward, holistic approach inspires her clients to be purpose-driven, magnets for healthy, whole partners.