The V. Mommy Club

Explore Motherhood with The V. Mommy Club

The V. Mommy Club is a unique open forum class where you will receive expert answers to all your parenting questions surrounding pregnancy and postnatal care. No topic is off the table.

The class is led by motherhood expert Alexandria Ross with over 10 years of extensive OBGYN experience doing anything and everything in the field, from long-term prenatal and postnatal care to childbirth and lactation. You can attend this class in-person at our NYC studio or online.

Get your free video debunking one of the biggest pregnancy myths.

A lot of different things happen to our body during pregnancy, leaving many of us at a loss as to which specialist to turn to or class to attend for advice and answers. The unique benefit of The V. Mommy Club is being able to get expert answers to all of your pregnancy questions. This Q&A-based class is capped at 16 people to give everyone the opportunity to get answers to their specific questions there and then, because your body and baby can’t wait.

Even if you don’t think you have a question, this parenting class gives you the opportunity to hear other women ask their questions and share their experiences. Sometimes we learn more that way than by asking questions ourselves.

The V. Mommy Club is a supportive space for women on their motherhood journey to bond and join a judgement-free community. You can be a part of it by coming to our New York City studio or joining us online.

With every class addressing different questions and topics, The V. Mommy Club is a place to get answers to all your parenting questions and make beautiful connections with other mothers along the way.

1hr 15min; $25. In-person or online.

Classes are capped at 16 people. To book a private class or event, please email us at or call us at 347.670.3048.

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