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Welcome to all the overwhelmed, underappreciated and awesome moms and moms-to-be of New York City!

Being a mom is the hardest job out there. And being a mom in NYC? Sigh. We have it even harder!

Motherhood might be the only time in our lives where the quality of help and support that we receive almost entirely determines our experience — motherhood could be the most beautiful time of your life if you receive the support you deserve, or it can be the most difficult.

That’s why we created 2 key programs to give you everything you need to know to be confident and in control:

The first time you become a mother, you may be surprised by the changes you see in your body. Not everything may snap back to the way it was before you got pregnant and you may feel your body is forever changed. While us women know that this is part of motherhood, it is still a very difficult experience to go through.

If you’ve done this rodeo before, you may know what to expect, but still may be at a loss at what to do about it! Your life just got so much more overwhelming, and all that talk about your pelvic floor and other essential wellness tips went in one ear and out the other while you were focusing on the new human in your life. As mothers, this is our experience.

Perhaps sex is the furthest thing from our mind when we have a child, but in time, we start to crave it again. What happens when that desire returns, but things have changed both physically and mentally, including our desire for our partner? How do you open new channels of communication and find the ways to articulate what you need from your partner and to feel desired in your new body?

Beyond your needs and your partner’s needs, you also inherit numerous questions that come with new parenthood. With so many conflicting pieces of advice from the internet to our nosy next-door neighbor, it’s no wonder why so many of us feel helpless and overwhelmed. Is my baby getting enough to eat? Does my newborn need a bath every day? What is the right sleep schedule? On and on and on!

Our mommy expert Alexandria is an OBGYN nurse with over 10 years of extensive experience on all things MOM. From prenatal care and pregnancy all the way through to birth and postnatal care. She even headed up a breastfeeding clinic! A mother herself and a soon-to-be licensed midwife, she is both a fountain of knowledge and an invaluable resource for all your parenting questions. Alexandria is your mommy friend with all the answers at The V. Club who shares her wisdom with kindness and love.

With Love,

The V. Club