The One Secret to Staying in Love

The V. Club Article on The One Secret to Staying in Love

“How do you make a relationship last? What’s the secret to staying in love?”

If only it were that easy! Staying in love takes work on both sides with each partner giving 100% to the relationship. While every couple is different, there is 1 MAJOR secret that you can adopt right now that will help make the passion last.

Meet the 3 As: Affection. Attention. Appreciation.

The 3 As are significant because they all serve the same concept, how we make our partner feel loved.

Let’s consider for a moment how your relationship is like a houseplant. It needs tender love and care. When we first pot our plant, we are enchanted with it. We are excited to water it and dote on it, and make sure it gets enough sun.

As time goes on however​, the plant becomes a part of our home and we grow used to it. So sometimes we may forget to water it and attend to it. Will our plant stay healthy, fresh and vibrant? No, unfortunately, it will start to wilt.

We don’t want our relationship to wilt, right? The 3 As are a great way to reverse the wilting process or prevent it altogether.

Find little ways throughout the day to give affection to your partner, like a kiss on the cheek or a touch on his arm when he’s telling you about your day.

Show your attentiveness when he’s excited to tell you a story by giving him your full attention instead of looking at your phone.

Show your appreciation for him by thanking him for doing a small favor for you.

These small acts of TLC are the secrets to building a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.