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Let’s talk!

Why should I come to this chat group? 

Let’s face it, most people are shy to bring up topics that involve sex and love at dinner parties. These days, most talk is small talk or worse —  quick, quippy comments on a Facebook post. And yet… sex and love are the topics closest to our hearts and always on our minds!

Yelp Review for The V. Club's talk group on love, sex and relationships, Talk Love
Yelp Review for Talk Love

The V. Club provides a safe, comfortable, and not to mention elegant space for open conversation and support on these very human issues. If you are old, young, single, in a relationship or just newly broken up, Talk Love is a forum that welcomes thoughtful discussion, sharing and community support.

Most people are shocked and relieved when they find out that they are “normal” and that others have had similar experiences. Our culture does a good job at keeping anything involving intimacy in the dark. But time and time again, we humans feel unburdened when we are able to shed light on things that we hold inside.

45 min; $10.

Can this chat group really make a difference in my relationship and sex life?

When it comes to relationships, emotional closeness is a key aspect of physical intimacy. Exposing those critical voices we all have inside to your partner will bring you closer together. Talk Love is a practice ground for openness around what’s holding us back within ourselves and ultimately our relationships.

Our intention with Talk Love is to address common questions, challenges and concerns men and women have in relationships and to allow the conversation to unfold in a safe and supportive environment. While our instructor will hold the space and provide food for thought, there’s a lot to learn from each other. Perhaps you will learn new things or discover a pattern in yourself you want to work on. Perhaps you have body image concerns and you walk away feeling uplifted by a boost from group members who can relate. Perhaps you will actually have fun talking about sex and relationships…. Crazy, right? Talking about sex and relationships can be fun? Yes!

What exactly will I learn?

Our instructor will begin the conversation by briefly addressing a selected topic on sex and relationships. This will prompt conversation by group participants to share their thoughts on the subject. The instructor will support the conversation in whatever direction it goes, allowing possible new issues to emerge and connections to be made.

Whatever you walk away with by attending Talk Love will undoubtedly serve you in your current or future relationships. Why? Because you took a risk to learn more about yourself and others. This all adds up to your growth as an individual. Growing as an individual builds confidence. And, have you noticed? Confidence is super attractive.

Topics May Include:

  • Evolution and transformations in relationships
  • Body image and other sexual hang-ups
  • “Dry spells” in the long-term relationship and in singledom
  • Relationship baggage you don’t want to carry on
  • Self-esteem in relationship to sexual satisfaction
  • Wandering minds during the most intimate acts
  • Age-related issues in the bedroom
  • Medications that can kill our sex drive
  • Expectations on ourselves and our partners
  • Parents versus Lovers
  • Keys to emotional closeness
  • Things you can’t tell your mother
  • And much, much more…..

Our classes are capped at 16 people. To book a private class or event, please email us at or call us at 347.670.3048.