Men by Design: His Body, Your Knowledge

The V Club Masterclass about the male mind and body Men by Design

It’s often said that men are the simpler sex. But is that really true?

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In Men By Design, you will learn and laugh as we demystify how the male mind and body really work. Whether you’re dating or in longterm relationship, this knowledge will give you more confidence and power in your love life, on an emotional and physical level.

Men by Design 101

We have to understand the opposite sex if we want to build a strong connection with them, both emotionally and in the bedroom. When it comes to their attitude toward sex and relationships, and their sexual physiology, men are every bit as complicated as they believe we are.


In this masterclass, you will learn: 

  • How his attitude toward sex and relationships evolves over time
  • 4 Factors under your control that determine his sexual satisfaction
  • A complete understanding of his erogenous zones and how they work
  • The physical and mental mechanics behind the male orgasm
  • How to keep the relationship hot after the honeymoon phase is over
  • The common mistakes that destroy passion in a relationship
  • The correct way to understand and communicate turn-offs

Spoiler alert: Your perfume could be putting the flame out in your relationship.

Relationships don’t have to be difficult. Nor do they have to turn stale after the honeymoon phase is over. Yet they often do. This class will teach you powerful strategies to revive the passion in your existing relationship or prevent it from eroding in the first place.

2 hours; $79. In-person or online.

Men by Design 102

In Men by Design 101, you received a deep understanding of how the male mind and body really work. In Men by Design 102, you will learn how to apply this knowledge in practice to create a passionate relationship that goes the distance. 

Yelp Review of Men by Design

You will learn:

  • Over a dozen unique tips and techniques to improve your sex life immediately
  • Ways to anchor your partner to yourself and strengthen your mind-body connection
  • How to work with your body to increase pleasure and satisfaction for both of you
  • The surprising things we do wrong that we’re not even aware of

Spoiler Alert: He won’t tell you if he doesn’t like something.

Understanding how your partner approaches and what he wants in the bedroom plays a huge part in having a happy and satisfying relationship. Men By Design 102 has given women of all ages, whether dating or in a longterm commitment, more confidence and power in their relationships.

2 hours; $79. In-person or online.

All  classes are capped at 16 people. To book a private class or event, please email us at or call us at 347.670.3048.