The Mature Woman’s Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships

The V. Club's Groundbreaking Masterclass for Women 50+: The Mature Woman's Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships

Here’s how it gets better with age.

Why should I take this class?

Life is not just for the young. You may have noticed our society is youth-driven. As you get older, there’s a risk of feeling invisible. Little attention is paid to the reality of sex and relationships after 50. We offer the unique opportunity to address these topics with others facing these issues.

This masterclass invites you to a unique space for women over 50 to come together, share, learn, and walk away with practical solutions.

Can this masterclass really make a difference in my relationship and sex life?

Humans are constantly evolving in every moment of life. If you’ve been together with your partner for many years, you’ve been through a lot together and a lot of change has happened for the both of you.

Most likely, you look at your partner now and marvel at how different he is from the person you married. Long-term couples face the ultimate challenge of how to stay connected to each other while also staying true to themselves. The stress and responsibilities that life sends your way puts a strain on the intimacy you share with your partner.

Do you feel like you’re driving each other crazy? How do you maintain psychological intimacy in the face of dealing with kids, financial woes or the stress of life’s ups and downs? Often times, the connection is not severed but is strained.

Yelp Review for The V. Club's Masterclass, The Mature Woman's Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships
Yelp Review for The Mature Woman’s Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships

This masterclass will uncover new ways to communicate that can help alleviate some tension that perhaps has been building for years.

So…where does sex fit into all of this?

We care about your sexual health and relationships over the entire course of your adulthood. Women and men over 50 must deal with physical changes that can lead to a whole new set of challenges in the bedroom. Maybe it takes him a bit longer to get in the mood and not as long for you anymore?

Is he feeling ashamed of a weaker erection? How do you handle it? These days, Viagra is perscribed more than birth control. Some men may benefit from this medical intervention, but not all.

In this masterclass for mature women, you will discover natural and practical methods to help your man feel “up” for anything again, pun intended.

And what about you and your happiness when it comes to dancing in the sheets? Does sex feel different now for you? Women’s magazines prescribe kegels as the magical cure for a strong pelvic floor. But have those kegels made a difference for you during sex?  We have a more effective solution that will help you feel sensations during sex you haven’t felt since you were in your twenties!

But this time around, it will feel even better. Just like fine wine that tastes better with age, so do you.

What exactly will I learn?

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the seasons of a relationship to make the most out of every stage of life
  • The one universal mistake women make guaranteed to kill his passion for her
  • 10+ simple and effective techniques to jump start his erection and make it last
  • Do’s and Don’ts for reigniting passion in long-term relationships
  • A proven technique that will inspire him to initiate sex with you again
  • The one foundational move you must use to create and sustain his erection
  • De-mystifying the connection between pelvic floor health and your sexual pleasure
  • A proven advanced method for re-building pelvic floor that will improve your sex life and alleviate symptoms of incontinence and other female age-related issues
  • How to bring the right energy into a relationship
  • Why sex can get better with age
  • Why establishing your personal identity is key to maintaining happiness in your long-term relationship
  • Strategies to communicate in order to live harmoniously with your long-term partner
  • And much, much more…..

We offer classes online and in person. To book a class, email us at or call 1.347.670.3048.