How to Date in NYC in 2018

How to Date in NYC in 2018

Crack the code on dating in NYC

Dating is hard in NYC. Online dating makes it easier to meet people but finding the right person can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Swipe left.

Ladies, first of all, it’s not you! Even so, we NYC women need to crack the code on dating.

This one hour masterclass will give you everything you need to know to get a second (third, fourth…!) date with a guy you click with. We can’t help you with the chemistry, but we can help you with the rest. Learn how to avoid awkward situations, embarrassing moments, and lost opportunities to make a love connection on the road to finding your perfect guy.

You will learn how to find high-quality dates and how to quickly tell the difference between someone who just wants to hook up and someone who may be looking for a relationship. You will discover important gender differences in dating objectives that are poorly understood by many women, leading them to being disappointed or even disillusioned by the whole dating process.

This mini-masterclass delves into communication etiquette before a date, the do’s and don’ts to watch out for, and what to do during a date to make a strong connection, if you are interested!

You will also get safety tips and learn how to respond in the common scenarios for when a guy acts like a jerk on a date. Sadly, it happens often, and we ladies should be prepared with a canned response so we can simply blow off the incident and turn it into a dating combat story, nothing more.

You will also get a step-by-step guide for how to plan a date and, as importantly, what to do after the date!

Finally, you will get a strategy for how to answer the all important question of when to have sex with him! It depends, right? You will get a decision tree for how to think about it, in the moment! No more waffling or allowing your emotions to cloud your judgement on a date.

As modern, emancipated women, it is time to own our power in every sense.

What we’ll cover:

  • Key gender differences when it comes to the dating mindset
  • What his pre-date communication says about what he’s looking for
  • A step-by-step guide to planning a date from start to finish
  • Do’s and don’ts of dating locations
  • What to wear and what to carry in your purse
  • How to allure and intrigue him on your first date
  • Questions to ask, ways to get him to open up
  • Plus, what not to say so he doesn’t run for the hills!
  • Ways to decide if this is just for fun or something more in the first hour
  • How to present your best self on a first date + make him feel desired
  • 2 super secret sex moves that will blow his mind
  • Safety tips: how to politely reject your date
  • Plus, what to do if he’s being a jerk
  • What to do if he ghosts you 🙁
  • Golden strategies for post-date follow up

1 hour; $20.