Learn to love yourself better at The V. Club

The V. Club is a new innovative wellness center in New York City for women of all ages to take empowering classes and discuss topics of wellness, motherhood, and sexual health.

Learn and laugh in our small group classes and after-hours events held at our inviting studio in Chelsea, as we tackle topics for women of all ages and phases of life.

A visit to The V. Club will leave you with a strong sense of empowerment and self-love.

The V. Club Masterclasses
Explore Motherhood with The V. Mommy Club

The V. Mommy Club

TLC for the moms and moms-to-be of New York City.

The V. Mommy Club is a Q&A-based class offering women a convenient way to get expert advice on a wide range of topics, from prenatal and postnatal care to birth, lactation, and shifting dynamics in her relationship. Designed to be a supportive space for women going through motherhood to bond and join a judgement-free community.

Ladies Come First

The time has come for women to put themselves first.

This masterclass is for the modern woman who wants to unlock her feminine power. Living her best love life means connecting to her body, including learning the daily wellness practice she needs to “keep things tight” (and make orgasms easier and more frequent during sex). Spoiler alert: Kegels don’t work, but there’s a more modern advanced method that does. This class offers powerful knowledge that every woman needs to know.

Sexual Health and Relationships for Mature Women

The Mature Woman’s Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships

Some things are better with age.

This masterclass is for the fabulous yet underserved woman over 50 who is looking to enjoy her love life to the fullest. Beyond communication and desire, she will discover organic solutions to common sexual changes that arise at a mature age. With this extra knowledge and support, her love life will get better with age!

How to Date in NYC in 2018

How to Date in NYC in 2018

Having a dating Groundhog Day? It’s not you!

This masterclass will show the single New York woman how to crack the code on dating. She will learn everything she needs to know to get a second (third, fourth…!) date with someone she clicks with. It is time for her to stand in her power in the NYC dating scene.

Men by Design

It’s often said that men are the simpler sex. But is that really true?

In this masterclass, the modern woman will learn and laugh as we take her inside the male mind and empower her with the full spectrum of knowledge about the way his mind and body really work. And she will learn a lot about herself in the process too! This class will give a woman of any age a renewed sense of self-confidence and power to live her best love life.

Talk Love: Chat Group

Come join our V. chat circle, even if you just come to listen.

Talk Love is an informal, in-person chat group about love, sex + relationships. Ever feel like you need a space to vent, process or ponder challenges of the heart? Well, you’ve the right place for it! Talk Love is hosted by one of our instructors skilled in leading open conversation and fostering community support.

Let’s face it. It’s not uncommon for couples in a long-term relationship to find themselves stuck in a sexual rut once the honeymoon phase wears off. In relationships, we get used to each other and the surprises are few and far between.

And what if you’re still looking for love? Modern dating, especially in New York City, is like a part-time job these days. Casting a wide net and coming up empty can be exhausting. Even when you find a high-quality person, it still may not be exactly the right fit. We spend years looking for our other half, and our person is searching for us too, so we want to be the best we can be when we finally meet them!

You will walk out of The V. Club’s masterclasses feeling empowered with real-world, practical advice on how to address any question or problem related to your relationship and love life.

P.S. We are excited to make love + relationship education available to all. Stay tuned for upcoming classes addressing dating, motherhood and more!