Is He Pulling Away? 4 Signs You Are Mothering Him

4 Signs You Are Mothering Him

Men love their mothers. Men love their wives. But does a man want his wife acting like his mother? What do you think?

As women, we are the more nurturing sex. It often comes from a place of love that we want to provide and care for the important people in our lives. However, sometimes that need to control and comment on certain aspects of our man’s behavior actually becomes a deterrent to the relationship and especially to our sex lives. 

Mothering your man is the quickest way to kill passion in a once hot and heavy relationship. Men start to lose desire for the woman, who many years ago, used to make their knees weak (even though they might play coy in admitting how good we were at doing that).

Although men are sometimes guilty of this too, it’s a more common behavior practiced by women. How do you know if you’re being more of a “Mother” to your man and less of a “Lover”? Ask yourself some of the following:

– Have I ever made my partner change his outfit before going out somewhere?

– Did I make him purchase that outfit at the store against his own style preferences?

– Do I remind him of the same thing several times a day (e.g. pick up the dry-cleaning, call your sister, don’t forget the PTA meeting on Tuesday, and so on)?

– Do I often ask him to repeat back to me something I’ve just said as confirmation he was listening? 

If you have, that’s ok! It’s common, and we’re here to help. In The Mature Woman’s Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships, we highlight ways to stop mothering your man and bring back the “can’t wait to get you home and tear your clothes off” vision of you and not the “honey did you do this….honey don’t forget to do that” version of you that is anything but arousing.