What No One Tells You About Kegel Exercises and the Pelvic Floor

Kegel Exercises for Women

I think kegels is kind of a cute word that most all women have heard or read about at some point in their adult life. Kegel exercises and pelvic floor muscles are a staple of the women’s magazines. What about this word — Yarlap? Ever heard of it? I’ll get to this funny, yet relevant word in a bit, so keep reading. Let’s get back to kegels….and my personal experience with this topic.

Kegels, kegels…kegels?

Most women have some notion of how kegel exercises relate to pelvic floor training and that according to a lot of the magazines out there, they should be doing kegels as much as humanly possible — kegels on the subway, kegels in line at Starbucks, kegels waiting to cross the street, you name it. Ugh, I’m exhausted just typing all that!

Cheekiness aside, kegel exercises are meant to build pelvic floor muscles. The problem with kegel exercises is that they are largely ineffective for most women. If you’ve taken our Ladies Come First masterclass, you understand why I’m telling you this. Most people do kegels incorrectly because it is difficult to isolate muscles that aren’t used very often. Also, I don’t know anyone who has the patience to be doing kegels 24/7, which is about how often you’d need to do them to see meaningful results.

Why every woman should care about her pelvic floor muscles no matter her age.

For women, the pelvic floor is the foundation that holds all of the organs in our pelvic cavity securely in place. Things like aging, pregnancy, childbirth, carrying heavy things, even exercising can contribute to putting pressure on the pelvic floor which weakens it over time.

Signs that your pelvic floor is weakening could include queefs early on and later down the road having to wear pads to absorb the urine that gets expelled when you laugh, sneeze or cough. When your pelvic foundation is very weak, pelvic organs like the uterus begin to slip and can even fall out of the vaginal opening or the rectum. Stories like these are not often shared among women, but they are serious issues that a lot of women face when their foundation is crumbling.

Oh, and how could I forget? A weak pelvic floor also reduces sexual pleasure for you and for him!

Consider a modern alternative to the old-fashioned kegel exercises.

Are you clenching down there like your life depended on it as you’re reading this article? Relax for a minute or 15! There’s a better solution out there that suits the modern woman’s lifestyle: Yarlap! (I told you I’d get to it later!)

Yarlap is an FDA approved, very handy and effective device that does all the work for you in training your pelvic floor. It’s an electric stimulator that contracts and releases that muscle group while you lay down in your bed or on the couch and watch Netflix. Yarlap does the kegels for you! By stimulating your pelvic muscles, it sends a message to your brain. This message strengthens the neural pathway, making it easier to squeeze these muscles on command during sex. Hooray! No more guilt over a kegel-less day at the office!

I’ve been using Yarlap for 3 months now on a regular basis. I love my special Yarlap time! It’s a chance for me to relax and give attention to one of my most valued muscle groups that don’t otherwise get attention. I have noticed lots of benefits in training my pelvic floor:

  • Ability to contract my muscles down there at a rapid pace, making orgasms so much easier and more intense!
  • A fullness feeling during vaginal penetration, feeling all the beautiful ridges of the penis again.
  • My partner’s pleasure has increased a lot by my observation. 😉
  • And bonus… my periods have gotten shorter!

I’m in my 30’s, and I started using Yarlap as a prevention tool for incontinence and prolapse issues because after doing my research, I felt like kegels were not going to cut it. But the truth is, it’s never too early or late to start training your pelvic floor. Ladies, if it’s not Yarlap, please figure out a pelvic floor training regimen that works for you. Your health and your orgasms are so worth it!