Perineum: His Secret Sex Zone

Passion for the Perineum: How This Underrated Erogenous Zone Can Drive Him Wild

Have you dared to explore this hidden and underrated (but very sensitive!) erogenous zone on a man?

The perineum is the area between a man’s scrotum and anus. It can be an important gateway to stimulating some of his most important erogenous zones (can you guess which one?).

The skin is thicker in this area, compared to other erogenous zones such as the frenulum and scrotum which require you to really pay attention to your man’s reactions as to not cause hypersensitivity. So with the perineum, you can apply much more pressure (with fingers or even knuckles!) on certain hotspots located on this area to give your guy one mind-blowing orgasm.

One of the biggest benefits to a man if a woman gives his perineum some much needed attention is stimulating his prostate from the outside. Prostate stimulation is still a taboo topic for a lot of couples. Many men turn it down despite its many health benefits because of the miseducation on why it’s done, how it’s done, and how pleasurable it can be. A prostate orgasm is one of the most intense orgasms a man can experience, yet many would rather stay away because of anxieties and stigma surrounding prostate massage.

Stimulating the perineum, especially during orgasm, can be a gateway to showing your guy how good these sensations can feel. And it can get him warmed up to the idea of giving prostate stimulation through penetration a try!

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