This is the Most Arousing Article You’ll Ever Read

The Most Arousing Article You'll Ever Read

Did we get you with that title? Great! Well now it’s our job to keep you here and get you to the end. Does this sound similar to something else?

Reading the title of an article and skipping to the very last sentence or watching a movie and fast forwarding to the end is much like expecting to orgasm the second you take your pants off. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that.

Many women struggle to reach orgasm through intercourse, experiencing frustration in themselves and often their partner because they didn’t “get to that ending”. And this is an extremely common thing that many women struggle with. In fact, many women claim to never have experienced a vaginal orgasm altogether. A lot of women also see a successful sex session as being all about the ending instead of embracing all the other parts. 

One of the key components to being able to enjoy sex and to experience that “grand finale” is making sure you are properly aroused. It’s about taking time to enjoy the experience of the journey in order to get to the end, just like watching a movie.

It takes women quite a long time to become fully aroused. For men it’s a lot less, and they almost always climax during sex, regardless of their orgasm’s intensity. For women, climaxing requires knowing your body well enough through exploration both from yourself and partner to be able to ease into the enjoyment of the entire experience.

The female body is capable of some incredible things. It can cause us to feel and react to various types of stimulation that can make us feel out of this world! And these reactions are heightened the more aroused we become.

Making sure you’re properly aroused is just one of many important tips for reaching vaginal orgasm. Let us show you how! Learn about this topic and our other tips and tricks in our masterclass, Ladies Come First: Finding Your Sexual Bliss. It’s about time you take your body and mind on that journey filled with absolute mind-blowing delight every step of the way. Now that’s a movie you’d never want to skip through.