The V. Mommy Club

Explore Motherhood with The V. Mommy Club

TLC for the moms and moms-to-be of New York City!

The V. Mommy Club is a unique Q&A-based class offering women an opportunity to get expert answers to all their questions about motherhood. No topic is off the table! 

The V. Mommy Club is located at our inviting studio in Chelsea and headed by our resident motherhood expert Alexandria Ross with over 10 years of extensive OBGYN experience doing anything and everything in the field, from long-term prenatal and postnatal care to birth and lactation. 

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As we navigate motherhood, often times we feel like our questions and concerns don’t neatly fit under a specific topic. So we may be at a loss of which doctor to turn to or class to attend. The unique benefit of coming to The V. Mommy Club is being able to get expert answers to all your questions on pregnancy and postpartum that very same day! We purposefully created a Q&A-based class to give women the opportunity to get immediate answers to all their pressing questions, because your body and baby are not going to wait!

With class size capped at 16 people, Alexandria addresses everyone’s questions in detail. If a topic emerges that the entire group is interested in, for example lactation, Alexandria will give an in-depth talk on this subject and answer any additional questions.

As importantly, The V. Mommy Club gives you the opportunity to hear other women ask their questions and share their experiences — sometimes we learn more that way than by asking questions ourselves!

The V. Mommy Club is a supportive space for women going through motherhood to bond and join a judgement-free community. It’s a unique and convenient resource for mothers in the New York City area.

With every class addressing different questions and topics, you are welcome to come to The V. Mommy Club whenever you like to get answers to your questions and make beautiful connections with other mothers along the way.

1hr 15min; $25.