The One Thing That Makes a Woman Good in Bed

The V. Club article on what makes a woman good in bed

What makes a woman good in bed? In our quest to answer this question, many of us find ourselves obsessing over the following:

“My hair is such a mess today.”
“I have dark circles under my eyes.”
“How can I cover up this stretch mark on my thigh?”

Do these sound familiar? Do you find yourself worrying about every little imperfection that society tells you a woman needs to be concerned about to become every man’s sex fantasy?

Well, you’re not alone. Most women drive themselves so crazy trying to perfect aspects of their appearance that they miss the one thing a man wants in bed.

Your partner wants you to want him.

That’s right. What men really want in bed — the one and only thing that makes a woman good in bed — is for us to show raw animal passion for them. Men can’t resist a woman who makes them feel wanted. A woman with the kind of sexual confidence that leaves them wanting more.

Have you ever thrown away nearly an entire week’s paycheck getting ready for an upcoming hot night? This can include fancy makeup, trendy perfumes, manicures, hair removal treatments, blow-outs, and the list goes on and on.

But here’s the thing. The little things we care about or feel insecure about when it comes to our appearance, guys don’t usually notice. When was the last time your partner commented on how even your French tips were? My mother’s hair once turned green in the pool and my father didn’t notice it; they have been married for 30 years at that point.

As women, we are the ones being nitpicky over every little blemish, stretch mark, or frizzy strand of hair. We also constantly compare ourselves to other women whom we view as being “sexier” or “prettier” than we see ourselves as being. But the truth is, it’s the uninhibited passion that guys care about, not the expensive dress.

Our passion for our partner is sexier and more powerful than any change that we can make to our appearance. It’s the most powerful thing that a woman can bring to the bedroom, and it’s the only thing that makes a man think that a woman is great in bed.

What does passion look like? It looks like self-confidence, positive body image, and being completely in the moment.

The problem is that many people confuse passion with sexual mastery and assume that what makes a woman good in bed is knowing expert sex techniques and tricks. Even if you possess expert sex technique and tricks, if you perform them without the passion, your partner will feel that you are disconnected from the sexual experience. This will make it a mediocre sexual experience for them because the raw passionate vibe will be missing.

What makes a woman good in bed in her passion. This means that you can be good in bed at any age if you have the self-confidence and sex-positive attitude.

If you want to increase your self-confidence in the bedroom to become the kind of woman that any man will think is good in bed, whether you just met or been together for years, I hope you will take advantage of the articles and other resources on this website that can help you with that.