The V. Club Presents…Your Gentle Open Heart and Big Fricking Fence | Dec. 6, 2018

The V. Club Presents...'Your Gentle Open Heart and Big Fricking Fence' Workshop with Michelle Margaret Marques

A workshop on how to become an amazingly powerful get sh** done Woman. In this raw, blunt, direct, and sometimes hard-hitting workshop Michelle tells you how her journey lead her to the amazingly powerful get shit done woman she is today and shares how she found love for herself, how to open her heart to others, and learned how everything is love from the death of her mother. How she realized she caused all of the pain, heartbreak, struggle, joy and love in her own life and how she found her way back to an even deeper connection with her soul, love, and joy. She tells how she not only survived through it all but now thrives with fire in her hair and gives you a practical insight into how you can do it for yourself and celebrate it all.

This workshop is as intense and direct as Michelle herself, as raw as it can be, as loving as she is and you are too, and as hard-hitting where it needs to be.


Thursday, Dec. 6 @ 6-9pm


The V. Club, 152 West 25th Street, Suite 602, New York City

RSVP here; Space is limited.

What you will gain:

  • How to stop pooping on yourself.
  • How to connect with your joy and your soul.
  • How to shine with truly powerful feminine energy.
  • How to create deliciously sophisticated hot and steady love for yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.
  • Power love: The occasion for looking in the mirror and re-claiming the beautiful power staring right back at you.
  • Healthy Narcissism: Making life all about you and the people you love.

Delivered by Michelle Margaret Marques, Founder and Creative Director of Elise Marques London.

Her ethos is You Matter!

Michelle says: “I feel this is really powerful and I’m feeling very positive about the impact it will have and proud of myself for stepping into my beautiful power”