Meet The V. Club Class Educators


Amanda is a Founding Educator at The V. Club and NYC native. Working for over ten years teaching in NYC, she has used psychology and movement based techniques and exercises to help people get in touch with their true inner selves to reach their professional and personal goals. Having battled an illness as a teenager into her early twenties inspired her to want to empower women to take back control and love of their bodies no matter what they’ve been through in life with an equal mix of education, practicality, and humor.

She believes all human beings (performers and non) by nature are storytellers, and by searching deep within themselves and becoming fully in-tune with their bodies is how one can live their best life and find success in life and love. True confidence starts from within. Overcoming the fear of failure and public speaking has been a specialty of hers with her clients.

Helping New Yorkers find their fulfillment in their sex lives and relationships (all with a pinch of quirky humor) makes her ecstatic to be teaching at The V. Club and working alongside a strong team of inspirational women all with the same goal in mind.

“Sex is a big question mark. It is something people will talk about forever.” — Catherine Deneuve


Jamie is a registered drama therapist with a master’s degree in this field from Kansas State University. Drama therapy is an embodied form of psychotherapy that uses theatre techniques to facilitate healing. It is one of the creative arts therapies such as music or art therapy. Jamie has an extensive background in helping individuals and groups of all ages cope with both psychological and physical trauma.

Jamie has been known to bring her heart and humor into her work with others, possessing an unparalleled ability to make people feel comfortable in sharing their deepest fears and worries. In her work with couples, she inspires openness through her warmth and compassion.

As a proud Founding Educator at The V. Club, she is humbled to bring her unique skills and insight to others interested in cultivating healthy relationships. Jamie’s personal story inspires hope in the way of love and relationships. No stranger to heartache, Jamie has ridden the roller coaster many times to finally find her soulmate.

Jamie teaches group and private classes and also leads Talk Love chat group which offers support and learning through community conversation. She believes The V. Club is the perfect place to practice courage and risk-taking, two necessary qualities in finding and maintaining intimate relationships.


Maranda, Class Educator, The V. Club
A Founding Educator, Maranda instantly fell head over heels in love with The V. Club as the only destination for New Yorkers to grow into their best selves in their relationships. She believes that there is no greater gift than helping others invest in their personal development and that’s what The V. Club is all about. Full of levity and compassion, Maranda is your girlfriend at the club who shares all the secrets you wish you knew earlier in life (plus some embarrassing stories).

When she’s not teaching, Maranda is a Certified Health Coach and runs Well By Me, a practice that supports high-powered women through wellness experiments to reduce stress and promote long-term health and happiness. She is excited to bring her experience to The V. Club to support both men and women on their journeys through love, sex, and relationships.

Maranda’s Mantra: “A happy long-lasting relationship starts with the one you have with yourself.”