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We all want to get the most satisfaction we can from love – and sex – without making a lot of sacrifices.

In April 2018, The V. Club will start offering masterclasses on sexual physiology and relationship psychology that teach women and men everything they need to know in order to have a happy love life.

Over 100,000 people have taken internationally renowned sexologist Kate Lubimova’s classes across Europe to learn how to create lasting and truly satisfying relationships. Unfortunately, in the U.S., conversation about “real” sex and relationships is almost a taboo. Kate joined forces with New York relationship expert Courtney Cleman to bring the knowledge and conversation to people in a comfortable space starting with the V. Club in NYC.

Gender differences in desires and expectations for sex and relationships make love tricky. It’s not uncommon for a woman to lose her sexual desire for her partner after only a few years together. It’s not uncommon for a healthy man to develop sexual dysfunction that can hinder his sexual performance for the rest of his life. Studies suggest that men and women consider only one in ten of their sexual partners to be a perfect lover.

The V. Club’s masterclasses give women and men real-world, practical answers and solutions that they can immediately implement to any question or problem related to their relationship and intimate life.

Knowledge is power.

Kate Lubimova

Kate Lubimova

As a published sexologist, experienced sex coach and book author, Kate is a founder of the largest female sex education and empowerment group across Europe.

Kate’s academic background combining sexual psychology and film directing enabled her to create a unique program that has helped over 100,000 women better understand their partners and themselves, solve sexual health and psychological issues, attract the ‘one’, and build fulfilling and lasting relationships.

She regularly writes for the European editions of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, Joy, TopBeauty, Marie Claire, Maxim, and Women’s Health.

Kate has been happily married for ten years. She and her husband are huge fans of the cinema. Her other favorite pastimes are swimming, travel, and laughter.

Courtney Cleman

Courtney Cleman

Courtney Cleman is a New Yorker and sex & relationship expert. She is on a mission: to break the taboos of sexual education and redefine how individuals approach relationships and intimacy with The V. Club.

Courtney has always been intrigued by the psychology of how people connect. In her previous life, working in a fast-paced corporate environment, she became preoccupied with the following question: What is it about the modern day high-pressure lifestyle that challenges our ability to form fulfilling and lasting romantic bonds?

Her passion for empowering people and her understanding of sex and relationships led her to address this question by creating a concept that helps men and women find happiness in relationships and intimacy.

Courtney graduated from Columbia University with a degree in psychology and economics.