What is The V. Club?

In the modern day, we aspire to have it all – a great career, an amazing relationship, fantastic sex, and of course, to look good. The V. Club helps people achieve this so that they can have a seriously great life.

Our dating, sex and relationship coaching gives you modern strategies for creating real relationships and having truly awesome sex, whatever your turn-ons and preferences may be.

Our self-image coaching will show you how you can always look great and make the best first impression. Great relationships and careers start with high self-esteem and a confident self-image!

Our transformational masterclasses for women break down damaging myths about sex and relationships. You will learn fundamental yet rarely discussed information on how your body works, how to preserve sexual youthfulness and enjoy a great love life at any age.

We also partner with like-minded coaches, scholars, and organizations to create thought-provoking workshops and events on wellness, relationships, sex, and female empowerment.

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