What is The V. Club?

The V. Club is the only wellness center in New York City where women can come take empowering classes and receive community support on the topics of relationships, sex, wellness, and motherhood.

We all want to be our healthiest and happiest selves. The V. Club provides the modern woman of any age with the essential knowledge and resources to achieve that.

Wellness advice abounds, but it usually focuses on diet and exercise, ignoring the essential female specific topics. Creating lasting love is tricky, especially in the modern day.

The V. Club was founded to give the modern woman the specific knowledge and unique support she needs to feel her best. Think of The V. Club as the SoulCycle of women’s health and wellness.

The V. Club operates like a luxury fitness studio, with classes offered 7 days a week.

Meet The V. Club Founders

Courtney Cleman, Co-Founder and Class Educator

Courtney Cleman, co-founder, The V. Club

Courtney Cleman is a New York City based relationship expert. She co-founded The V. Club in New York City to help women break down the barriers that prevent them from creating the life they desire.

Courtney has always been intrigued by the psychology of how people connect. A long-time New Yorker, she is particularly interested in solving the challenge of how to form a deep lasting relationship in our modern day high-pressure lifestyle.

Courtney’s vision for The V. Club is to create an elegant space where women of any age could come to learn about love, relationships, and wellness in a comfortable, judgment-free environment and make connections along the way.

Courtney graduated from Columbia University with a degree in psychology and economics.  She loves people, nature (even the little nature that we have in NYC!), and exploring the world. Everyone who meets Courtney instantly feels her passion for life, love and empowering people.  She is grateful for her loved ones, her close-knit group of friends, and her family here at The V. Club.

You will surely meet Courtney if you stop by The V. Club!

Kate Lubimova, Co-Founder

Kate Lubimova
As a published sex + relationship expert and book author, Kate is a founder of the largest female sex + relationship education and empowerment group across Europe.

Kate’s academic background combining relationship psychology and film directing enabled her to create a unique program that has helped over 100,000 women better understand their partners and themselves, solve psychological barriers and sexual health issues, attract the ‘one’, and build fulfilling and lasting relationships.

She regularly writes for the European editions of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, Joy, TopBeauty, Marie Claire, Maxim, and Women’s Health.

Kate has been happily married for ten years. She and her husband are huge fans of the cinema. Her other favorite pastimes are swimming, travel, and laughter.