Relationships can be easy.

Passion can be lasting.

Sex can be orgasmic.


You can have a happy lasting relationship — without making excessive compromises.



You’re a modern woman facing modern day challenges in love, sex, relationships and motherhood.

You want to be happy and fulfilled and you’ve been chipping away at it.

However, it remains out of reach and you just know that you’re not living the best life you can.

The V. Club is a Unique Center that Empowers Women With the Knowledge for How to Get the Best out of Love, Sex, Relationships and Motherhood

What we have here for you could be a fit if…


The V. Club is a Unique Center that Empowers Women With the Knowledge for How to Get the Best out of Love, Sex, Relationships and Motherhood

If so, we imagine that you dream about…

  • having fun and feeling excited about having sex with your partner even if you’ve been together for years

  • feeling confident in the bedroom knowing that you’re a great lover

  • being a feminine woman who radiates confidence and is irresistible

  • feeling ‘tight’ and youthful on the inside

  • understanding and communicating with your partner better in and out of the bedroom, minimizing irritation and frustration


We might be a great match for each other if…

  • you believe that you deserve love, passion and pleasure in your life

  • you believe that everyone is an individual and perfect in their own way, and also recognize that there are biological and society driven gender differences that affect the approach to love, sex and relationships for cis women and men

  • you believe in the strong connection between love, sex, health and happiness

  • you are open to learning about relationship, sex and wellness strategies that will make you more feminine, happy and fulfilled


Hi, it’s Courtney and team. Thanks for stopping by The V. Club.

Courtney Cleman, Co-Founder, The V. Club
Courtney Cleman, Co-Founder, The V. Club

We’re a unique center in NYC offering women of all ages support and TLC on the topics of relationships, sex, wellness and motherhood.

We write articles, host events and run masterclasses that help you get more enjoyment out of sex, have stronger relationships, higher self-confidence and feel more in control of your life.

Our goal is to break down damaging myths and provide powerful strategies to support women in their pursuit of happiness.

If you are in the NYC area, stop by to our (free) happy hour that we host every Monday to say hello.

In short, we’re here to help women simply…feel happy.

NYC Wellness, Motherhood, Relationships, and Sex Studio
The V. Club, New York

The center was co-founded by New York City based sex and relationship expert Courtney Cleman and Kate Lubimova, a founder of the largest female sex and relationship education center in Europe.

The V. Club is:

We are a place to learn about women’s wellness, love, sex and relationships.
We are a liberating judgement-free zone for women of all ages.
We are a studio in NYC and we also offer classes online.

The V. Club is NOT:

We are not a sex club.
We are not a place where there is any nudity or touching.
We are not exclusive; everyone is welcome.



The V. Club is a Unique Center that Empowers Women With the Knowledge for How to Get the Best out of Love, Sex, Relationships and Motherhood

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Maybe you already know a few things about how to keep the spark alight in a relationship and how you and your partner’s body works. You may even have a few tricks up your sleeve. But there’s always that question in the back of our minds: What if I can be experiencing even more with my partner than I am right now? By the end of class, you will have techniques and strategies to practice at home to be able to enjoy yourself romantically and physically.

Some of our clients had a conservative upbringing and feel shy about these topics. Others in our community haven’t had a lot of experience with dating, long-term partners, romance or sexual intimacy. No matter the case, you will not be “othered” in our community. All are welcome. That includes women of all ages too. No matter our age, it’s never too late to get to know ourselves better and put ourselves first. That’s what The V. Club is all about.

The V. Club opens its doors to you with love.