The V. Club is an innovative wellness center for the modern woman offering empowering classes and events on the topics of motherhood, wellness, relationships, and sexual health.

Learn and laugh at The V. Club as we break down damaging myths and provide coping strategies for everything from wellness and motherhood to love and sexual health. We have classes for women of all ages and phases of life.

Our motherhood program is led by our resident OBGYN guru with extensive experience in the field. Women can come to The V. Mommy Club to get answers to all their questions on the topics ranging from pregnancy, postnatal care, and birth to navigating sex and emotional connectivity with their partner. Finally, a comprehensive mommy resource and community in NYC!

Think of The V. Club as the SoulCycle of women’s health and wellness. Classes are capped at 16 people and offered 7 days a week at our inviting studio in Chelsea. After hours, The V. Club hosts inspirational events designed to tap into our feminine power.

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Explore Motherhood with The V. Mommy Club

The V. Mommy Club

TLC for the moms and moms-to-be of New York City.

The V. Mommy Club is a Q&A-based class offering women a convenient way to get expert advice on a wide range of topics, from prenatal and postnatal care to birth, lactation, and shifting dynamics in her relationship. Designed to be a supportive space for women going through motherhood to bond and join a judgement-free community.

Ladies Come First

The time has come for women to put themselves first.

This masterclass is for the modern woman who wants to unlock her feminine power. Living her best love life means connecting to her body, including learning the daily wellness practice she needs to “keep things tight” (and make orgasms easier and more frequent during sex). Spoiler alert: Kegels don’t work, but there’s a more modern advanced method that does. This class offers powerful knowledge that every woman needs to know.

Sexual Health and Relationships for Mature Women

The Mature Woman’s Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships

Some things are better with age.

This masterclass is for the fabulous yet underserved woman over 50 who is looking to enjoy her love life to the fullest. Beyond communication and desire, she will discover organic solutions to common sexual changes that arise at a mature age. With this extra knowledge and support, her love life will get better with age!

How to Date in NYC in 2018

How to Date in NYC in 2018

Having a dating Groundhog Day? It’s not you!

This masterclass will show the single New York woman how to crack the code on dating. She will learn everything she needs to know to get a second (third, fourth…!) date with someone she clicks with. It is time for her to stand in her power in the NYC dating scene.

Men by Design

It’s often said that men are the simpler sex. But is that really true?

In this masterclass, the modern woman will learn and laugh as we take her inside the male mind and empower her with the full spectrum of knowledge about the way his mind and body really work. And she will learn a lot about herself in the process too! This class will give a woman of any age a renewed sense of self-confidence and power to live her best love life.

Talk Love: Chat Group

Come join our V. chat circle, even if you just come to listen.

Talk Love is an informal, in-person chat group about love, sex + relationships. Ever feel like you need a space to vent, process or ponder challenges of the heart? Well, you’ve the right place for it! Talk Love is hosted by one of our instructors skilled in leading open conversation and fostering community support.

Kegel Exercises for Women

Kegel Exercises and the Pelvic Floor: The Woman’s Guide

I think kegels is kind of a cute word that most all women have heard or read about at some point in their adult life. Kegel exercises and pelvic floor muscles are a staple of the women’s magazines. What about this word — Yarlap? Ever heard of it? I’ll get to this funny, yet relevant word in a bit, so keep reading. Let’s get back to kegels….and my personal experience with this topic.

How Negotiating Consent Can Actually Be Sexy

How Negotiating Consent Can Actually Be Sexy

With the long overdue Hollywood reckoning of sexual transgressors and the Me Too Movement, both men and women are asking themselves deeper questions about sexual consent. What is consent anyway and how could it possibly be sexy?

5 Ways Sex Can to Make You More Beautiful

Sex is power. And we totally mean that in a very non-prostitute sense. See, sex can drive success because chances are if you’re happy and confident in the bedroom, that confidence just naturally spreads to other areas of your life. It’s not just power over other people, but self-empowerment too. Sex impacts every single area of your life, from your health to your mood to your career. Save your fantasies of pretending to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for sexy role playing games and let’s talk about how sex can help you find success beyond the bedroom.

Why You Feel Hornier in the Spring and What to Do About It

Spring is a time of awakening, and your sex drive in the spring follows suit. The flowers bloom, the grass starts to grow again and you may feel an intense need to get it on! Have you ever wondered why you tend to feel a bit more, ahem, spry in the spring months? Well, we’re all a bunch of mammals – albeit well-dressed ones – and a change of the seasons brings more with it than the sunshine. Spring actually has an impact on your hormones as well as your mood, and while we’re not entirely slaves to our base desires, we may feel a little more passionate in the springtime. Let’s explore what happens to your sex drive in the spring, shall we?

The Best Natural Remedy For Cold and Flu

Do you feel like cold and flu are always lurking around the corner, with the stress from the job, your relationship or the lack thereof, and a hundred other things we call 'life'? Are you always stockpiling vitamins and scurrying away from anyone suspiciously coughing in the street, no matter what time of year it is?

Maybe you already know a few things about how to keep the spark alight in a relationship and how you and your partner’s body works. You may even have a few tricks up your sleeve. But there’s always that question in the back of our minds: What if I can be experiencing even more with my partner than I am right now? By the end of class, you will have techniques and strategies to practice at home to be able to enjoy yourself romantically and physically. As part of our amazing community, you’ll even make some new friends!

Some of our clients had a conservative upbringing and feel shy about these topics. Others in our community haven’t had a lot of experience with dating, long-term partners, romance or sexual intimacy. No matter the case, you will not be “othered” in our community. All are welcome. That includes women of all ages too. No matter our age, it’s never too late to get to know ourselves better and put ourselves first. That’s what The V. Club is all about!

The V. Club opens its doors to you with love.