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We all want to have fulfilling relationships, great sex and a deep connection with ourselves, our partner and our lives as a whole. I started The V. Club to help women and men achieve that through individual sex and relationship coaching, couples counseling, masterclasses, and special events. Also, don’t miss my blog.

In my own life, I have spent most of my adult years in longterm relationships that were fulfilling on many levels but lacked in intimacy or communication at times. So I understand the feeling of helplessness, frustration, and disconnectedness that these issues can bring.

How did I overcome them? Through education and trial and error. While every relationship is unique, I’ve found that there is a set of common patterns and issues that emerge for the different relationship and partner types. I also started to see that there are specific mindsets, behaviors, and techniques that can be used to resolve sex and relationship problems, and this is why I started The V. Club.


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What is The V. Club?

In our coaching practice, we help individuals and couples overcome psychological blocks, communication issues, and sexual challenges to find ways to fulfill their needs and desires.

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Our female-focused masterclasses break down damaging myths and provide powerful strategies for the challenges that modern women face in their pursuit of happiness. We also tackle women’s wellness issues stemming from childbirth, menopause, and so on. 

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We also partner with like-minded industry voices and brands to create thought-provoking workshops and events on love, wellness, and female empowerment.

Why Does Asking for Sex and Relationship Advice Feel Awkward?

Some of our clients had a conservative upbringing and feel shy about discussing sex and relationships or intimate wellness.  Others haven’t had a lot of experience with dating, long-term partners, romance or sexual intimacy. Either way, they come to The V. Club because they feel that they can get more out of love, sex and relationships, and they don’t want to wait any longer.

The thought of asking for sex and relationship help may feel awkward but what actually happens is that the process of opening up about these topics and discovering how to get more happiness and pleasure into your life ends up being one of the most empowering things that you can experience. It will give you a huge sense of accomplishment and control over your life.

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Our Philosophy

Here’s the philosophy that underlies our sex and relationship coaching, couples counseling and masterclasses:

Let’s embrace imperfection in ourselves and our partner. We’re all perfectly imperfect as individuals, and our relationships are also perfectly imperfect.

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Every relationship will go through ups and downs on an emotional and physical level. If we accept this fact, we can enjoy the entire ride and feel a deeper connection to our life as a whole.

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Life is naturally imperfect and messy, but when it comes to our connection with ourselves and our partners, there are common thought patterns and pitfalls that we experience.

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There are proven ways that we can change how we experience love, sex, and life as a whole, and this is where sex education, individual relationship coaching and couples counseling can help.

We Are Here for You

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