6 Types Of Guys: Which One Are You In a Relationship With?


There you are, out having a drink with your girls as you try to unwind from a hectic week. The drinks are flowing and the conversation inevitably turns to every woman’s favorite topic: men. 

You’ve probably spent a better part of your post-pubescent years trying to understand them, dissecting the way they talk, the things they say, and the moves they make. Trying to decode men is a fun pastime, but as women we tend to make one huge mistake – we assume all men are the same in and out of the bedroom. So, we apply the same rules to each relationship.

Men are like flowers, each beautiful in their own unique ways. They aren’t all the same, and the truth of the matter is if you want to know how to make your sexual relationship bloom, then you need to try and figure out what kind of man you’re dealing with first. It’s not easy, but here at Kate & Courtney, we’ve put a lot of thought into this topic in order to bring you this breakdown of the six different types of men out there. It’s our hope that once you identify the type of guy you’re dealing with, then your relationships will be more sexually satisfying, emotionally fulfilling, and long-lasting.

Guy Type No. 1: The General

Remember Russell Crowe in Gladiator? Yeah, that’s a nice visual, but not the type of General we’re talking about here exactly (though it might be a fun costume to bring out for a little role playing). This type of General is not a man that will easily reveal his emotions to you. He may come off as cold, reserved, and not into public displays of affection. In fact, these guys are usually pretty reserved even in the bedroom. His big thing is control, but that’s a trait you can easily use to your advantage during sex.

The General will probably prefer sexual positions that put him in a dominant role, and this is precisely where you can bring that Russell Crowe costume into play. Try to add a little spice to your bedroom antics by using role-playing that puts him in the leading role. You could dress up like a naughty schoolgirl, or a sexy secretary just trying to please her boss. The point is, you need to use his strengths to your advantage and if your guy likes to dominate, then reap the rewards!

Guy Type No. 2: The Wandering Soul

This guy is not like the General at all. He is all about affection because he’s in touch with his emotions. This can make him pretty vulnerable in a relationship since he’s constantly trying to balance his desire to experience new things with his fear that he’s not approaching a situation the right way.

What does this mean for you? Well, if your other half is a Wandering Soul, then he’s putting a lot of stock into your reactions to his efforts to be intimate. You have to tread a bit lightly with this guy in the bedroom, though – because proposing something outside of his comfort zone can be a real turnoff for him. You need to understand his limits and be sensitive to his bedroom boundaries. If you can do that, then you should be perfectly satisfied with a partner who likes to tell you how he feels and showers you with affection, even if that Russell Crowe costume is out of the picture.

Guy Type No. 3: The Dude

The Dude is laid back – maybe too laid back. This can make him difficult to get much of a response from, both in and out of the bedroom. You could literally send this guy to another planet with the pleasure you’re giving him from a blowjob, and if you ask him how it is he’ll likely respond with “okay.”

You may find this frustrating at times, but what you have to remember about the Dude is that he’s not very emotional and he just might be a little unassertive to boot. This can totally play to your favor because it makes him very malleable in the bedroom. If you’re in an intimate relationship with a Dude, then you will probably be able to bring new sex toys and new moves into the bedroom without protest. He’s sexually trainable – and that’s a huge plus!

Guy Type No. 4: The Experimentalist

This man is a wild one – in the bedroom, that is. He cares not for convention but instead is incredibly open to new and exciting things in the sex department. He’s pretty much down for whatever you want to throw his way, whether it is ropes, sex toys, prostate massage, role playing – he is truly an open minded catch.

The great thing about the guys in this group is that you don’t have to worry about offending them with a suggestion; they won’t misunderstand you or be averse to your ideas. The only thing you will need to make sure of is that you take the initiative in order to really explore all that this guy is offering you.

Guy Type No. 5: The Macho Man

This guy might just be sex on a stick with his bulging biceps and light stubble that somehow manages to give you an illusion of a beard without actually being a beard (how do they do that?) no matter the time of day. He cares a lot about how he looks, which is probably one of the things that drew you to him in the first place. The trick is getting him to rip his gaze from his reflection in the mirror and focus it on you, because even when you’re being intimate, you may notice he likes to look at himself. We’re guessing that almost all the guys on Jersey Shore fell into this category!

A Macho is going to look for a partner that compliments and complements him – meaning he wants you to tell him that he looks nice and he also wants you to look nice on his arm. What we’re trying to say that the Macho has a big ego, and he needs a partner that can handle it well and keep his interest. This kind of guy does have a rare subset, though: The Humanitarian Macho. This type of Macho will take care of you in the bedroom because it makes him feel good about himself. Like all Machos, it’s mostly about what they’re accomplishing for themselves that really matters.

Guy Type No. 6: The Inventor

If sexy white lab coats are your jam, then this guy is your match made in heaven. He’s incredibly creative and if you’re lucky enough to be an in a relationship with this type of guy, then you can bet that you’ll never have to worry that things won’t stay interesting in the bedroom. An Inventor doesn’t need a lot of women to adore him, either. Just one, meaningful relationship with the right woman is all he needs to be satisfied. You just have to be open to conducting experiments along with him in the bedroom! He’s an Inventor and has data to collect, but don’t worry – it’s sexy data!

So, which guy have you been (or are currently) in a relationship with? We think it’s really important that you take the time to discover what group your guy belongs to. If you do, then it can help you to navigate your relationship with the confidence and knowledge that you will be happy and content with your guy because you know what to expect and what he needs. No matter who you’re with, happiness is everyone’s ultimate goal!