6 Common Sex Problems That We Don’t Talk About


These stories are all too common yet we rarely talk about them. How do you deal with these sensitive issues?

He is Too Big

When Lucy (26) saw her new boyfriend buy XXL condoms, she laughed: what a show off! But when she saw his tool, she was terrified. It barely fit inside Lucy. She was in pain and her boyfriend was also uncomfortable.

Solution: Choose a position that doesn’t allow your partner to penetrate you all the way, which means avoiding doggy-style and anything where you lift up your legs. Being on top is the best option as it will give you control over both the speed and the depth of penetration. Perhaps you may need to remind your partner that sex without deep penetration actually feels better for women. Hooray for the G-spot! Show him where to find it!

He is Too Small

Lisa (28) is dating a great guy: he is very attentive and a great kisser. The only problem is, she says, “He has such a small penis that I can’t feel it at all!”

Solution: Use positions allowing for the deepest penetration, like doggy-style and missionary with your legs lifted up. Also try positions where your legs are together, as it will make you tighter therefore enhancing the sensation. And, don’t forget, you may have the perfect partner for trying anal sex with which could be a hot hot hot addition to your sex life. But whatever you do, don’t make this mistake!

The Jackhammer

Karen (23) has a superfast and over-energetic boyfriend who treats her vagina like a pavement that needs to be dug up. “Normally I just grit my teeth and bear it,” says the poor thing.

Solution: Get on top to slow things down and get the situation under your control. If he only starts jackhammering you as he gets closer, perhaps he needs more friction to achieve an orgasm. In this case, try repositioning so your legs are together, or handle his hammer with your hands or mouth to finish him off.

He Is a Minute Man

Lisa (34) loves her new boyfriend to pieces. She confided in us, “I already can’t wait to have kids with him!” But she is not the only one in this relationship who is in a hurry. The couple’s sex romp would be over before Usaine Bolt can finish a lap around the track.

Solution: Extend the foreplay, and let him concentrate on pleasing you first. When you are finally ready for intercourse, do everything you can to change things up on him in order to stop his excitement from building up too quickly: twist, turn, and keep switching positions. And don’t let his hands linger on any one part of your body. Have fun with figuring out how to keep him on the edge!

Boring Sex

He is huffing and puffing over you having an amazing time, yet you are just trying to remember whether you’ve unplugged the iron. What happened to the passion? “It’s like he’s working out and my vagina is a piece of gym equipment,” says Christina (37).

Solution: You are bored when you don’t have an excuse to get naughty! Forget the good old missionary on a bed. Have sex in a car or in the bathroom at a party. And don’t forget to use some dirty talk. Don’t be shy!

It Hurts

Burning with passion is great, but not when you burn with pain. Kiera (28) suffers from burning sensations during sex, “When he enters me, it feels like I’m being torn apart.”

Solution: The pain may be caused by an infection (talk to your gyn immediately!), or it may be due to a lack of lubrication. Dryness can be a side effect of some medications, including the pill. If dryness is the culprit, use lube. You can have a lot of fun with different flavors!

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