5 Things Underrated in Sex

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Are you sick of being bored to death in the bedroom?

Back in our late teens and early 20s, sex is new and exciting. But once you have been around the block a decade or two, you know what to expect. Maybe some light foreplay, followed by intercourse with 2-3 different positions – if you’re lucky– and then that glorious finish…which is most commonly experienced by the man. Sorry, ladies, it’s true.

Yes, sex does become routine after a while. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! Despite how it may feel sometimes, we are in control of our own experiences AND we deserve to have surprising and exciting sex, not just in our 20s, but into our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. 

With that said, we have surveyed the masterclass educators at The V. Club and it’s our pleasure to offer you the 5 Things Underrated in Sex, which you can use to spice up your love life.

  1. Scrotum aka “The Balls”. Yes, yes. We know. The balls can be confusing and kind of a scary subject. Touch them the wrong way and we risk getting the boot from our guy for that evening while he recovers from the injury. This is why many women don’t venture down there at all! Such a shame.The balls are incredibly sensitive for many men and have several distinct erogenous zones. To give your guy maximum pleasure, it is critical to incorporate the scrotum in foreplay and even during the main event. We talk about how to do this in our masterclass, Men by Design: His Body, Your Knowledge. Just remember, don’t forget those balls!
  2. Date Night. Just like sex, date night can become routine too. He picks a restaurant, you show up, you talk about your days – maybe you have dessert, maybe you don’t. YAWN! Then you go back to your place and maybe, just maybe, you have sub-par sex. Like I said…yawn.So how can you save yourself from this impending boredom? Date night – if used the right way– can heighten the romantic tension leading up to the mind-blowing sex you crave. How? The V. Club recommends ben wa balls (also known as kegel or vaginal balls). Simply pop them in before your date and feel yourself transform into a more alluring version of yourself. This works amazingly because the balls naturally arouse you and cause your body to release pheromones like crazy.The results? Your date will be instinctually more attracted to you. He won’t be able to wait to take you home.
  3. Pelvic Floor Muscles. So you may have heard around the block that the pelvic floor is important for women, which it is. Often, a woman is unable to have a vaginal orgasm at ALL unless she has strong pelvic floor muscles.Part of our mission at The V. Club is to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles so that women can access their orgasms more frequently and easily during sex. Check out our masterclass, Ladies Come First: Finding Your Sexual Bliss, to learn more about how and why strengthening the pelvic floor is critical for your health and sex life!
  4. Setting the Mood. We will bet that when you were a teenager or in your early 20s, you were so much more concerned with setting the mood for sex than you are now. After all, as we grow up, we become more jaded, and much less concerned with “the mood.” Sex is sex, right?However, if we really want to add some magic back into the bedroom, we do want to sweat the details in this department. The wrong lighting, for example, can be really distracting and unsexy. Consider adorning your bedroom with soft lamps, different color LED light bulbs, or adding some candles to the mix! Maybe massage oil candles? Who knows! Get creative!
  5. Eye Contact. Listen up, this is a big one! From our conversations with all the women who come to The V. Club, we’ve learned that a lot of people are so busy focusing on reaching their orgasm during sex that they almost forget that their partner is even there! {gasp} But that’s not why we’re having sex is it? Otherwise, we would just be at home alone playing with ourselves and a vibrator.So, we urge you…be present during sex! Try to connect on that conscious level with your partner. Eye contact is key here. Nothing is sexier than when your partner is looking you in the eye as he/she takes you to pleasure town. It’s the simplest way to add spice back into sex.Now you are armed with 5 ways to add more magic back into the bedroom. Did we miss anything? Feel free to let us know what you feel is most underrated in sex. We love to hear your thoughts and comments.