3 Ways to Become More Feminine, Radiant and Irresistible

Read The V. Club Article to Find Out What is True Femininity and 3 Secrets to Being Truly Feminine

Femininity is not just for females. Both sexes possess masculine and feminine energies. So, what is true femininity and how do you become more feminine and radiant to transform into an irresistible goddess?

This is a question for women of any age, whether you’re dating or in a committed relationship for decades, because the kind of femininity I am referring to has nothing to do with how you look or what stage of life you are in. It has to do with your essence and vibe as a woman.

One thought is that true femininity is all about openness. But how can anyone be expected to remain open in a masculine driven culture that demands us to be ‘human doings’ rather than ‘human beings’?

In the process of female empowerment, women have had to don masculine armoring that shields their vulnerability. Modern women face many challenges to their femininity that get in the way of their pursuit of happiness in life, love and relationships. They are often ashamed to express confusion over their own anatomy, relationship struggles and unsatisfying sex lives.

So how can we take steps to open and therefore strengthen our feminine energy and radiance? We like to think of it as the 3 C’s that you can adopt starting today to become irresistible.

1) Connect with others by opening up and sharing about your struggles. This can empower others to do the same and lift you out of isolation by discovering that you are not alone.

2) Be curious and keep learning. Being curious is a dynamic quality to adopt and crucial for living in an ever-changing world. Curiosity keeps us flexible. The less curious we are, the more stuck and rigid we become in our beliefs.

3) Continue to soften even through hard times. By softening, you allow your feelings as they come and love yourself through all kinds of weather.

Cultivating this willingness to be vulnerable takes strength. In fact, it takes more strength than turning away from intimacy, closing off our hearts and putting up walls.

The wonderful thing about modern women of today is that they are resilient, self-aware and practical. Don’t you think it’s time for a modern woman’s feminine energy to radiate like the sun?

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Be vulnerable, take a risk and learn something new. That is how you can become more feminine and radiant, a truly irresistible woman. We’ll see you at The V. Club.