Masterclasses on Dating, Sex, Relationships and Personal Wellness in NYC; fully clothed.

We all want to show up as the best version of ourselves in all that we do. In our professional lives, at the gym, in our friendships. We all want to give 110%. But when it comes to sex, so many of us are falling short of our potential. With such little information available, we end up having the same sex routine for decades. No wonder relationships get stale! This is New York City in 2018 and it’s time to give our sex lives the attention it deserves.

That’s where The V. Club comes in.

We know, we know! Talking about sex can be…awkward, right? Before you go running for the hills, consider this. We are not your average run-of-the-mill sex class that you saw on Sex and the City or read about in a magazine column. We’re not a sex shop and we definitely don’t make our students take their clothes off!

Knowing that a safe space to learn about sex and relationships needed a home in NYC, we designed a concept more focused on personal wellness and empowerment than pushing limits and selling products. In our modern chic studio environment and a refreshment cart stocked with lemon and lime water, wine and light snacks, our students are able to completely relax and feel ready for that “real talk”.

Our fully-clothed workshops, created by renowned sex therapist Kate Lubimova, are designed to be fun, thought-provoking and leave you feeling empowered in your love life. Each class will support women and men learning about each other’s bodies and wants and desires in a safe, informative, digestible way. We also cover important topics around health and wellness that are key to maintaining your sexual health long-term.

The V. Club Masterclasses

How to Get a Second Date

Having a dating Groundhog day? It’s not you!

This masterclass will show the single New York woman how to crack the code on dating. She will learn everything she needs to know to get a second (third, fourth…!) date with someone she clicks with. It is time for her to stand in her power in the NYC dating scene.

Ladies Come First: Finding Your Sexual Bliss

The time has come for women to come first!

This masterclass is for the modern woman who wants to unlock her feminine power. Living her best love life means connecting to her body, including awakening the elusive vaginal orgasm. This is essential knowledge that every woman needs to know. It’s time to put herself first in every sense!

Men by Design: His Body, Your Knowledge

It’s often said that men are the simpler sex. But is that really true?

This masterclass is for the modern woman who wants to “conquer” the modern man. She will learn the full spectrum of knowledge about the way his mind and body really work. With a renewed sense of self-confidence, she is an all-powerful modern goddess at her best.

The Mature Woman’s Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships

Some things are better with age!

This masterclass is for the fabulous yet underserved woman over 50 who is looking to enjoy her love life to the fullest. Beyond communication and desire, she will discover organic solutions to common sexual changes that arise at a mature age. With this extra knowledge and support, her love life will get better with age!

Talk Love: Chat Group

Talk Love is an informal, in-person chat group about love, sex + relationships. Ever feel like you need a space to vent, process or ponder challenges of the heart? Well, come join our chat circle, even if you just come to listen! Talk Love is hosted by one of our instructors skilled in leading open conversation and fostering community support.

Maybe you already know a few things about how to keep the spark alight in a relationship and how you and your partner’s body works. You may even have a few tricks up your sleeve. But there’s always that question in the back of our minds: What if I can be experiencing even more with my partner than I am right now? By the end of class, you will have techniques and strategies to practice at home to be able to enjoy yourself romantically and physically. As part of our amazing community, you’ll even make some new friends!

Some of our clients had a conservative upbringing and feel shy about these topics. Others in our community haven’t had a lot of experience with dating, long-term partners, romance or sexual intimacy. No matter the case, you will not be “othered” in our community. All are welcome. That includes women and men of all ages too. No matter our age, it’s never too late to get to know ourselves better and put ourselves first. That’s what The V. Club is all about!

The V. Club opens its doors to you with love.

We are excited to make relationship psychology and intimacy education available to all. Stay tuned for upcoming classes addressing gay & lesbian relationships, motherhood and beyond.